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Club - house on the banks of the Dniester from Aquaterra
The premium level is known in details. After all, if you choose - choose the best!
The one of a kind in Moldova club house Aquaterra Resort Holercani is a unique complex, which is located in an ecologically clean area on the banks of the Dniester in the government boarding house of Holercani, where the dachas of the Government and the President of the Republic of Moldova are located

Aquaterra Resort Holercani creates all the conditions so that you can choose accommodation that fully suits your needs.

The building has 78 apartments. The house is equipped with a hotel lobby, parking, outdoor swimming pool, playground, sports area, restaurant with terrace, banquet hall, bungalow and pier.

The residential complex also includes the services of a management company that will help resolve any issues that arise.
The unique project by Aquaterra - Aquaterra Resort Holercani will allow you to rethink the concept of "home". This is the place that can be used for living all year round, as well as for spending weekends and summer holidays.

Living at Aquaterra Resort Holercani will make you feel relaxed and friendly, forget about stress and enjoy life.

Residential complex Aquaterra Resort Holercani - no alternatives.

Aquaterra Resort Holercani


The total area of the complex is 1.5 Hectares.
Consisting of 4 residential blocks of 9 floors each, with a capacity of 78 apartments. Each block of flats is equipped with a lobby as well as a 24/7 concierge service.

The concept
Possibility to live nearby the river, away from the urban agglomeration, enjoying the natural views.
The hierarchical structure of the security system and the limited access to the territory, provided by the security service of the complex.
Recreation area
Outdoor pool, comfortable bungalows, private dams, waterfront area.
Private indoor parking with 24-hour security
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About the Company:

For more than 18 years, Eldorado Terra has been a leader in the industry of modern construction development in Moldova and an example for other big construction companies. The project portfolio of the company includes 6 complexes, with landscaped surrounding areas and elaborated internal infrastructure. For us, safety comes first, and the main source of inspiration is the trust of our customers. We use the most modern materials and advanced technologies in the construction of our buildings. Eldorado Terra represents quality that has been proved over the years, it is high requirements and justified expectations, as well as punctual timelines.

Over 18 years we have built not only 50 houses, but also implemented a number of unique projects together with Aquaterra:

The first premium Wellness & Fitness Club Aquaterra Wellness & Spa - with the biggest spa area in the country.

Family fitness club offering a range of services for the health of the whole family Aquaterra Fitness Ciocana.

Wellness Club unique for Moldova - Aquaterra Oasis Wellness Club

Aquaterra Sport School - The first sports school of a new generation in Moldvova. Here we teach children to love sports from their very first steps.
A chain of private premium kindergartens Star Kids Education & Sport, combining educational and sports programs.
Premium Aquaterra Hotel&Spa.

Our motto is -«If you choose, choose the best !»
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